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Who Are We?

Tuneblocks is an innovative group of musicians and computer software designers whose mission is to build computer-based and hands-on products that will help you develop your creative intuitions while having fun with music.

The founding members of the company are:

Jeanne Bamberger:

Jeanne Bamberger is Professor of Music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she teaches music theory and music cognition. Her research is interdisciplinary: integrating music theory and practice, modes of representation, and recent approaches to cognitive development, she focuses on close analysis of children and adults in moments of spontaneous learning, Professor Bamberger, was a student of Artur Schnabel and Roger Sessions, performed extensively in the US and Europe as piano soloist and in chamber music ensembles. She attended Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley receiving degrees in philosophy and music theory. Her most recent books include The mind behind the musical ear (1995), and Developing musical intuitions: A project based introduction to making and understanding music (2000). Other recent publications include: "The development of Intuitive musical understanding: A natural experiment." Psychology of Music (2003), and "Music as embodied mathematics: A study of a mutually informing affinity." (with A. diSessa). International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning (2004).

Armando Hernández:

Armando received a B.S.E.E from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was a student in one of Jeanne Bamberger's music courses and developed a computerized music learning environment as his thesis project. Since then, working closely with Prof. Bamberger, he has continued the design and development process leading to the current version of Impromptu. He has designed hardware and software products with many leading music industry companies throughout his professional career, including: Sonic Solutions, Roland Corporation, Korg R&D, E-mu Systems, Oberheim Electronics, Marion Systems and others.

Eric Rosenbaum:

Eric brings to the team a background in educational technology, informal learning and music. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard college, where he performed research on the physiological basis of music perception. He also holds a Master's degree in Technology in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where one of his projects was the design, creation and play-testing of an electronic music construction toy. Eric's robotic sculpture "Musical Digits" is currently on tour with the Smithsonian Institution's museum exhibit "Invention at Play." His skills include fluency in Flash/ActionScript, Photoshop, javascript and HTML. He has worked as a researcher, tutor and museum educator, plays trombone in a professional funk band, and has composed and arranged his own music.

Paul Stuopis:

Paul Stuopis received a BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following MIT, Paul joined Symbiotics Inc., a startup software firm, where as a software engineer, he helped triple the size of the company. He then continued his studies at the University of Nevada to get a MSEE. While studying, Paul worked as a software consultant for a variety of clients in multimedia, music and other areas such as Roland and Mindscape. Following graduation Paul helped bootstrap two new companies, MyOwnEmpire.com and Determine Software, where he held lead roles in server side Java software development.

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